Old Fashioned Types of Candy Still Rank Among the Favorites of Many Fans

Shelves in supermarkets and convenience stores are often stocked with candies that have only been around a short while. In many cases, over-the-top packaging and marketing combine with similarly unrestrained flavors in ways that some will find off-putting.

Fortunately, there are also sources for candy of old fashioned kinds that have proved their merits over the course of decades or even longer. Some of these kinds of candy have been around for a century or more, in fact, and remain every bit as popular as ever.

A Long History of Putting Smiles on Faces

Candy of various kinds has been around for thousands of years, although it used to be a lot more difficult to come by. Instead of the refined forms of sugar that are most often used today, ancient types of candy tended to incorporate naturally available sources of sweetness like honey.

By the latter half of the nineteenth century, intensive cultivation of sugar cane had made mass-market candy an everyday reality. In places like the United States and much of Europe, children and even adults could then begin to buy sweet treats just about anywhere a general store was doing business.

Classics of the Candy World Still Impress and Delight

Some of the kinds of candy that were developed relatively early on in this modern phase of the foodstuff’s history remain very popular today. A few which have stood the test of time include:

  • Taffy. The stretchy, airy type of candy known as taffy was most likely invented in France sometime around 1880. It did not take long for this approach to candy making to become widespread, with the visually interesting nature of activity making for an attraction in its own right. Taffy really took hold in the United States when someone whose name has been lost to history came up with the “salt water” variation on the basic idea.
  • Fruit sours. Balancing out sweetness with sour flavors is a mainstay of the culinary arts, in general. Candy producers got on board with this idea starting sometime in the early twentieth century. By the 1960s, sour, fruit-flavored candies of various kinds were some of the top sellers and remain so today.

With quite a few other well-established types of candy still being available and popular, there are many classic styles to explore. In many cases, such types of candy have a truly timeless appeal.

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